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delays grow, but want to see some major problems Tuesday However, delays have become a concern in several airports at night, even in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas / Fort Worth and Denver all have 80 or later arrivals, according to Flight Stats.
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Atlanta had a whopping 500 delay …
Patience keyword Philadelphia International Airport PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As a storm filled with a mixture of the effects of rainfall in the area, just in time for Thanksgiving holiday travel, the key word is Philadelphia International Airport: patience! Precipitation, especially in the area … Read more

FBI and DEA investigating office in Fort Lauderdale Airport

FBI and DEA investigating office in Fort Lauderdale Airport FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) – DEA and FBI agents are conducting research at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport early Monday. A study of several organizations, which also includes national security, which is happening in the world Jet … Read more
our voice: Thumbs up approach to port Pasco airport Expansion Even after the Federal Aviation Administration moved to Terminal Tri-Cities Airport remodel priority, which increases the chances of getting a grant of $ 8 million next year, the port continues to take a conservative paying … Read more at
airport traffic B Step Passenger 6.4 percent for the year Passengers Paso International Airport declined 6 percent in October compared with the same month last year, fell 6.4 percent in October compared to last year, new figures show. Freight traffic fell slightly … Read more nofollow href = “”> El Paso Times


Space Coast Airport upgrading fire fighting As many as five times a month, Titusville Fire Department vehicles and personnel assigned to the airport for scheduled services that require Emergency onsite to meet FAA rules and insurance claims. City teams will … Read more
Car Crash causes panic, Plan fixed at LAX Airport Car Accident Los Angeles International Airport caused a blockage and spread fear may have been a gunman in the area. Police received a call that there was shooting, but they arrived on the scene to find the wrecked SUV that crashed … Read more panic airport When they arrived, they realized that it was a hoax. They say a traffic accident outside the terminal had caused a great noise, which took passengers to evacuate. This comes just three weeks after a gunman fired at the same airport, killing a … Read more

Giant Boeing 747 freighter aircraft lands at the wrong airport Kansas

giant Boeing 747 cargo lands in wrong airport Kansas More than 10 hours of confusion, an official at the airport said it had managed to turn the “Dreamlifter” on the track and had decided to it could take off in the shortest runway. “We have ensured that all ran engineering … Read more on
giant Boeing airplane lands Airport false A giant Boeing air loads bound for McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, arrived Wednesday night at an airport near shopping minor errors, and officials were quick to establish a program to recover in the air. More than 10 hours … Read more about href = nofollow “″> CNBC. like
TSA agent fired at Los Angeles airport died in 2-5 minutes Hernandez became the first TSA officer killed in the line of duty when a gunman opened fire at the airport tomorrow November 1 Three people were wounded before the suspect -. identified as Paul Anthony Cianci, 23 – was shot in shootout with … Read more about href = nofollow “, 0.3031589. Story “> Los Angeles Times

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Boeing 747 lands at the wrong airport Kansas . This happens often? While Jabal has a small runway, Roger Xanders, head of the police and the Wichita Fire Department, told KMBC-TV that the plane can take off around noon Thursday. Boeing spokesman Marc Birte say Dreamlifter … Read more at
jumbo cargo jet lands in wrong airport b Short Track The giant Boeing 747 Dreamliner landed in small Colonel James Jabal Wednesday in Wichita Airport after the pilots mistook for McConnell Air Force Base. Neither plane, two pilots on board, or a small airport was damaged … Read more
jumbo cargo jet landed at the wrong airport removed WICHITA – The pilot of a Boeing 747 error landed in a small airport not Kansas away from the base of Air Force, where he was to deliver parts for the new 787 Dreamliner company. James Green | AP A man takes a picture of Boeing … Read more in href href = “”> Kansas City Star

Large aircraft may force airport extend size regulations

large aircraft can force airport to extend regulation size This is according to airport director Jim Elwood and two industry consultants who reported to the County Commission Tuesday in the first part of a three-phase study developments in aviation. Commissioners reluctantly approved $ 761,000 for the second … Read more href href = “″> Aspen Daily News
Bob Hope Airport tap your nest egg Burbank Airport dipped his latest series of contingency funds to complete the new transportation center, but officials say the project should be completed next year budget. Airport Authority Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Monday … Read more at
Passengers corresponds Rochester airport b Passengers in Greater Rochester International Airport this year is a bit beyond just the development of airports in Albany and Buffalo and in the U.S. Overall, according to a report from the Board of Monroe County Airport Authority on … Read more

Boston airport System Leifsstadir

b Boston airport launches residue system BOSTON – A new automatic system to detect residues in airport runways installed in judging landing at Boston Logan Airport, the first in the U.S. with technology that authorities said would prevent for costly damage to the aircraft and possibly … Read more
Airport Test Preparation for auction World Cup: Brazil Corporate airports auction week is $ 2,600 million will test the ability of Brazil to attract major operators and renewal of infrastructure for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games after the first sale was criticized for not doing so. President Dilma Rousseff seeks … Read more at MSP Airport slips in the ratings of healthy food Only 72 percent of restaurants offering busiest airport in the state for at least one cholesterol-free , plant-based Entrée, according to the annual assessment was started last week by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The airport is ranked 13th … Read more href href = “”> Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog) br

Officials: Austin Airport tested over 7000 people

Officials Austin Airport accessed more than 7000 11 hours Update: Between 4 and 8:00 7,688 passengers passed through security checks at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport The spokesman Jim Halbrook said day. On busy days, 5000 and 5500 people go through security, he said. There was no wait … Read more
New airport “Exit Portal” no money travelers rain or something fun If you do, I got a clear tube that closes behind me I will be much better to go to Narnia or showering us with hundred dollar bills. But all the artifact of a single person out of the airport is not very fun … Read more

Name that airport

Name airport that is “name that airport” photo this week. If you think you can identify it, send the answer by clicking on the comment link and typing your answer there. Return in the afternoon to see the answer. Good Luck! PREVIOUS: | Gainesville … Read more in href href = “”> USA TODAY
LaGuardia Airport for M to fight flood assistance Andrew Cuomo said Sunday projects include installation of Flood barrier retaining walls, concrete retaining walls and drains by gravity, as well as generators replacement and rehabilitation of the distribution energy network at the airport. Cuomo says that about 100 million liters of water … Read more